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“I am a working woman with two kids. My husband and I were going through a rough patch in our marriage and I was unable to handle the stress of dealing with his angry outbursts and at the same time catering to my demanding job and kids. In fact, I had almost decided to end our marriage after consulting my parents and siblings. Although my friends and family did suggest seeking a counsellor’s help but to be honest I could not gather myself to see one, as I thought I was strong enough to sort out my issues on my own. Very unwillingly I called up Chhavi and fixed an appointment with her so that I could tell my folks that see I told you this is a useless exercise! To my surprise I just got hooked on right from my very first session. Its been 6 months since husband and I started taking counselling sessions from her and there is vast improvement in our relationship. Our journey of seeking harmony in marriage is still not over but we are getting there thanks to our wonderful counsellor. And yes special thanks to her for accommodating our distress calls which at times are at really odd hours”.

JC, 42 y/o, Working Professional

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“I would first of all apologise and thank you Ms. Chhavi for answering my querries so patiently and guiding me to find my goal in life. After moving to a new job I was really lost and stressed, didn’t know which direction to follow. Thanks to Ms. Chhavi I could make sense of my anxiety and form a well defined goal. I still remember it was literally like a eureka moment for me during a session with her. A big thank you for sorting me out”!

TD, 45 y/o, Senior Executive

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“After discovering that my husband was cheating on me, I was distraught. Meeting Ms. Chhavi has been the best thing to have happened to me. Though I was very skeptical to share my intimate details, she put me completely at ease and gently encouraged me to open up. Today I am rebuilding myself and though the scars are there I know I have already started healing. You are simply amazing Chhavi!”

LK, 36 y/o, Homemaker


“I came to know about Ms. Chhavi through a friend who had consulted her for her teenage son. My 15 year old daughter had no motivation to study despite being a bright student in the past. Within a couple of sessions I saw a marked improvement in her as if someone has cast a magic spell on her. Just 4 months were left before her final exams when Ms. Chhavi, I and my daughter worked as a team to help her get through with flying colours. I would ask all parents to not shy away from asking for help when it comes to your kids as sometimes they need someone else to encourage them.”

SP, 42 y/o, Working Professional

Young Girl Reading

“When we moved to Singapore my daughter was having great difficulty in settling down in the new school. She was very disturbed and going in her shell. Despite being a friendly child she was unable to make any friends in school and this was taking a toll on her physical health as well. I booked an appointment with Ms. Chhavi and I can say we took the correct decision. She is very patient and understanding. My daughter loves to talk to her and wants me to become like her. I am glad that my daughter has someone with whom she can share every thing without any hesitation. Thank you Ms. Chhavi”.

BL, 40 y/o, Homemaker

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