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Q. What is counselling?

Ans. In simple terms, counselling is a collaboration between a client and a professional counsellor with the aim of enhancing the client’s psychological well-being by application of various therapeutic techniques.


Q. Will the counsellor fix my problems?

Ans. The counsellor will not fix your problems but will empower you to tackle them effectively. It’s more like teamwork, where you will explore the underlying reasons for the trouble in your life and get a fresh perspective to deal with them. Ultimately it is you who will find a solution.


Q. Aren’t my family and friends enough to give me advice?

Ans. Family members and friends are a great support system who have our best interest in mind, but from their standpoint. In fact, generally people turn to counselling after they are done with all the advice and solutions given by their own folks. Counselling, on the other hand, is not about giving “advice”. It’s the process of self-discovery facilitated by a trained professional in a safe, empathic and a non-judgmental environment.


Q. Isn’t seeking counselling a sign of weakness?

Ans. Absolutely not. On the contrary, acknowledging that you have issues to resolve and deciding to ask for help requires great courage and is a sign of strength.


Q. Will everyone know that I am taking counselling?

Ans. Not unless you want to tell them. There is a code of confidentiality between you and the counsellor, so everything remains a secret. This code is only broken if the counsellor feels that you may harm yourself or others.


Q. Will counselling take forever?

Ans. Definitely not. There are short-term counselling methods that are very effective. It depends upon the nature of your problem and your willingness to treat it. Counselling cannot give a one-size-fits-all kind of a solution and it depends on a case-to-case basis.


Q. Is on-line therapy effective?

Ans. Yes, on-line therapy is as effective as in-person therapy. In fact it offers more flexibility in terms of time while you are in the comfort of your home.

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